Thursday, April 21, 2011

Breeding system Camissonia sierrae ssp. alticola


The first flowers of Camissonia sierrae ssp. alticola have appeared on 20 April 2011, 157 days after sowing. By contrast to the known breeding system of C. benitensis, which is matinally selling, C. sierrae alticola is positioned more toward the outcrossing end of the spectrum. On the night before opening, anthers of either C. benitensis and C. lacustris (blogged on xxx) are deployed with the filaments arching toward the stigma and pollen has been liberated. In C. sierrae alticola (grown from seed collected at Hetch Hetchy, in 2010) the anthers are not forced against the stigma, the anthers are do not open before the petals unfold, hence pollen is not deposited on the stigma at anthesis.


If we take the matinally selfing behavior of C. benitensis equal to that of a rapscallion, then C. sierrae alticola is more     sang-froid.




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